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Editing / Pub - Graphic charter

You want to develop or to change your visual communication.

A graphic is a working document that contains all the basic rules for the use of graphic signs constituting the identity of an organization, project or enterprise. It must embody in a tangible way for the public personality and values of the structure in all the opportunities it has to communicate publicly. This suits the charter documents of everyday business: business cards, letterhead documents, stationery ...

A logo design is used to uniquely identify businesses or structures in order to differentiate them from other entities. Particular care must be taken in its design because it summarizes in a single image all the identity and company values.

► Our method:
- Analysis of the structure of your identity, image and values you want to convey
- Proposals and return trips
- Definition of the graphic design: color coding, typography, logo
- Variation on various company documents

►Notre méthode:
- Analyse de l'identité de votre structure, de l'image et des valeurs que vous voulez véhiculer
- Propositions et allers / retours
- Définition de la charte graphique : codes couleurs, typographie, logotype
- Déclinaison sur les différents documents de l'entreprise.