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Web Agency - showcase site

We are at your service the best e-commerce system. A totally dynamic and evolving, responding to all the rules of management, marketing and sales, whatever your industry.

You want to create your own personal web site, but you know, or PHP, or HTML, and even less MYSQL and you do not have time to assimilate these languages, because for you is important is the content of the site , Clic i site is for you.

For example, via a back office (the part not visible to the user), you write online, using a form, as you write a message in a text editor, you transfer photos, images or all kinds of files in the folder "pictures", "images" of your website, configuring your site in a form, you can change the color of money, frames and text, logo, font and size text, titles and information on the web master, the username and password to login, change the theme of the survey, delete messages from the Forum or Guestbook.

You can also choose the options that appear and their location.
You do not need anyone to manage your site.