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Web Agency - showcase shop
We are at your service the best e-commerce system. A totally dynamic and evolving, responding to all the rules of management, marketing and sales, whatever your industry.

Our services encompass a range of services and modules for designing the e-commerce site that meets your exact needs and requirements depending on your business and reflects the best image of your store or business, a relevant site and vendor: Design, Design, Adding functionality, development specific, online, Hosting, SEO, Maintenance and Training scalable online. We bring you a comprehensive response to your e-commerce turnkey.

Our systems and solutions are secure, dynamic and easy to use. Since an administration interface and autonomy, freedom and security, you pilot animate yourself and manage your online store and your catalog without any technical knowledge or computer.
Open your store on the Web in a few days and rapidly increase your sales.

Our Pack is based on the engine's most efficient technology, an engine that has emerged clearly in the field of e-commerce. Its rich functionality and ease of use have long been a true standard of e-business.
It is recognized by the secure payment systems of all major French banks and used worldwide by thousands of traders for such diverse activities as the sale of computer products, culture, food, cosmetics, ready to wear items of art, travel map, etc.. Large groups such as BHV, Paul Harris, Longchamp and others have chosen as the platform for their e-Business.

We understand all the possibilities of this tool and we are implementing a professional manner, secure and suited to your needs: Design, Features, Online Payment, Development of specific modules. Depending on the nature of your business and the traffic it can generate, we maintain a high functional parameters and maximum optimization of the database

The catalog of your business that we put online is organized by product and manufacturer. You administer real time yourself in complete autonomy, simplicity and safety. The entire management of your store is online and you can constantly update the description or photos of your products, your stocks, shipping terms, prices and promotions since ... n 'how important geography.
Description of features

Client side: Front Office

   "Catalog products or services (unlimited).
   "List of products (photos, descriptions, price ...).
   "Options like this (size, color, etc..) And associated prices.
   "Updating products, prices and images in real time.
   "Dates of product availability.
   "Function" Send page by email to a friend "on each article.
   "Highlight of product homepage.
   "Integrated search engine.
   "Multilingual: French, English, German, Spanish.
   "Multicurrency conversion and integrated.
   Viewing of the best sales, promotions and news.
   "Choice of products by manufacturer.
   "Virtual Caddy allows visitors to add or remove items to their shopping cart.
   "Consultation of his account.
   »View purchase history.
   "Payment by check, credit card or bank transfer.
   "Secure transactions.
   "Calculating shipping prices (weight, price, destination ...).
   "Management of the different VAT rates.
   "Confirmation by e-mail to customer and real-time recording of his command.
   "Activity Information (GCS, shipments and returns, etc..).
   "Monitoring and control of its shipping line and in real time.

For administration: Back-Office

Administration category of products, their structure and their characteristics (additions, deletions and changes in prices, description, models, tax rates applied, photos ,...).
   "Administration of suppliers.
   "Management of real products (delivery) and virtual (download).
   "Managing product reviews.
   "Management and layout descriptions of items.
   "Management and implementation of promotions.
   "Management of the countries and areas of delivery and billing
   "Management classes and tax rates.
   "Management of shipping.
   "Setting postage free or paid.
   "Real time operation with Colissimo Chronopost, UPS ...
   "Management sold out (in stocks or stock.
   "Managing customer newsletter.
   Viewing and editing invoices and delivery notes.
   Viewing detailed orders from customer / client.
   "Statistics by product and customer.
   "List of registered customers and orders.
   "Summary of consultations and product category.
   "Backing up and restoring the database.
   "Managing banners.
   "Import / Export data to and from Excel, Access, ..
   "Dozens of other configurable features.